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Permanent Restraining Order

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What is a Permanent Restraining Order?

A permanent restraining order is a court order by a judge that serves the purpose of physically and verbally protecting a person who is being abused by another person or party for a number of years. Permanent Restraining Orders are extended versions of a temporary restraining orders (TRO), they lasts a number of years and can be renewed or extended if the threatening behavior from the abuser has not stopped.

How Does a Restraining Order Protect a Victim?

A permanent restraining order protects a victim by requiring the abuser to REMAIN AT LEAST 100 YARDS AWAY FROM THE VICTIM AT ALL TIMES. It is also against the terms of a restraining order for the abuser to contact the victim in any way, shape or form.

Under some circumstances, a person who has a permanent restraining order filed against them can be prohibited from purchasing a firearm.

Although filing a permanent restraining order this does not guarantee the future actions of the abuser, it allows for legal documentation to occur. As a result of legal documentation and court ordered terms, a victim can feel and be much safer.

What Will Happen If Someone Breaks the Terms of a Permanent Restraining Order

Breaking the terms of a permanent restraining order is illegal. By law, any person or party found breaking the terms of a restraining order is subject to arrest.

Who Can Permanent Restraining Orders Be Filed Against?

It can be filed against a spouse, ex-spouse, parent of a child, boyfriend, girlfriend, family member, landlord, tenant, company, business, or anyone else that a victim may be harmed by. 

Permanent Restraining Order Overview

  • Will usually filed after a temporary restraining order (TRO) and the court-ordered hearing “Order to Show Cause, where both parties are given the opportunity to share their side of the story in court.
  • Will stay in effect for multiple years and may be renewed or extended.
  • If someone violates the terms of a permanent restraining order, it is up to the victim to notify police.

Specific criteria must be met in order for a permanent restraining order to be issued by a judge. One requirement is having the likelihood of irreparable harm without an adequate legal remedy.

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